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About Flexboard

The Flexboard Company is owned and operated by a husband and wife team in Fairfax, Virginia. The Flexboard was invented by Lee Vaughan Wampler, a Physical Therapist.  Her husband, Michael Wampler manages the business side. The idea was formed out of a need to help a patient safely and effectively stretch their calf without causing misalignment of the back or by putting undo stress on joints.  

In the mid 1980's, Lee came up with the idea to stand on a platform with a proper angle for effective stretch. At that time there were other products out there and ways to stretch the calf and achilles, but they seemed to be harmful one way or another.

This idea of the side platform with proper foot placement and a correct slant board with a proper biomechanical angle became a hit, thus the Flexboard was born.

The Flexboard has been successfully used with thousands of patients, all ages and diagnoses.  For years, patients and clients had said over and over again that they loved the product and its results but wanted their own to stretch at home. To date, there was no other product on the market that equaled this safe calf stretch which helped the foot to the back.

The Flexboard is being requested and demanded not only by patients themselves but also medically ordered by physicians to include Orthopedists, Foot Surgeons, Spinal Surgeons, and Physiatrists.  The Flexboard has been covered by Workers Compensation Boards and Health Insurance.  Over the years, Athletic Trainers, Sports Teams, Geriatric and Assisted Living Facilities have requested their own Flexboard as well.   

With over 25 years of demand for this product, the Flexboard became a viable company in 2010 based on the good faith of helping others with a better quality of life. The Flexboard Company was created to better the physical health of many which now extends out to youth teams, professional athletes, desk workers, senior citizens as well as doctor and physical therapy offices, etc. 

Years of patients, friends and family encouragement to 'Get it to the masses - they need it', led to the Flexboard becoming patent pending, commercially available and a product sold all across the United States.  With the actual company in its infancy, the Flexbaord Company has had numerous positive testimonials continuing the encouragement and growth of the production based on increased needs.   Clients and patients want one in their local gym, at their work, in their kitchen, on their sport field, etc.

We knew we had a great product when a client bought five boards for holiday gifts last year because she wanted to give the gift of health to her family and friends.  

We are committed to safe stretching and growing the awareness of how the Flexboard can help everyone.   Based on the premise everyone should have a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and a Flexboard in every living room'; the Flexboard will be used by all.




"Tight hamstrings and calves can be detrimental to a golf swing.  The Flexboard is the easiest, safest and most effective way I have seen to stretch both areas."  

"It changed my life! I never realized the calves affected my back!"

 "This is well  made. This stretch is perfect for me."

Per Athletic Trainer in one of largest counties in Nation:  Please bring your incline board (Flexboard) to our Sports Physicals and Screening session; we have teachers and parents who ask about them."

Athletic Trainer local High School; "we look forward to incorporating this exercise into rehabilitation programs for our student-athletes."

"This is the best purchase I ever made."